I was amazed when I first contacted Christine. My son was showing tendencies at age five of dyslexia. I did some online research and found Christine and Kids In Harmony. I contacted Christine through her website and received a call immediately. She was caring and listened to my story. We literally talked for 45 minutes and she walked me through various options. It was so nice to hear a friendly and understanding voice. What was impressive was that almost immediately Christine let me know that due to her position she would not be able to work with our son. It would have been a conflict of interest. However, she continued to discuss various options for our child. She ultimately referred me to another learning counselor. Which was an amazing experience for my son. I am very thankful for Christine’s time, listening and making me feel comfortable about a tough situation.

Mark Van CooneyRegional Director of Operations at Evolution Hospitality

Christine has been a fabulous resource as a school psychologist and learning disabilities evaluator. Her knowledge base is extensive and her approach to testing is thorough and highly individualized. I have referred clients to Christine for assessment and her reports have provided excellent recommendations for instruction. I have also referred her clients for support with motivation, goal-setting, and other psychological or behavioral issues. Christine has done an outstanding job in meeting these children’s needs!

Megan TrezzaEducational Therapist, La Jolla LearningWorks owner

I have the pleasure of working with Christine on the Board of the San Diego Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. Christine is very well organized and detail oriented. She responds to requests quickly and is always helpful. Christine envisions future possibilities/goals of the IDA, but at the same time, is very practical in her approaches. In addition to all her skills, Christine is a pleasant, positive person who clearly wants children to succeed.

Cheryl A. YoungLearning Support Coordinator at The International School of Azerbaijan

In the past, we have had so many child psychologists. They came and went with little or no results regarding our son. Christine has done an awesome job working with our son. She works with our son every week—as if he is her only patient. She gives thorough evaluations. She carefully works with our son to address issues our son may have. She listens and shares her wisdom patiently to confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated parents like me. We are truly gratefully for all the support Christine has given my son and our family.

Charm LuisParent and Client

Christine is exceptional with her client—her patient and calm nature puts children at ease, which allows her to easily establish rapport with different personality types. When dealing with families, Christine takes her time to explain information in simple terms so that parents don’t feel overwhelmed. As a colleague, she is a great resource—Christine has many links to the community and can provide referrals to different professionals in the San Diego area.

Marissa CerizoSpeech-Language Pathologist at EBS Healthcare

Our family feels very fortunate that we found Christine to test and evaluate my grandchildren. She established a great rapport with them and provided age-appropriate testing on a comfortable schedule in their home. Christine is both professional in her work and compassionate on a personal level. The assessments were thorough and clearly explained to us. She valued our input, answered our questions and we never felt rushed. Christine has continued to support and guide our family beyond the testing. This has been a positive experience and we feel confident that the children will benefit greatly as we pursue services to address any needs based on Christine’s evaluations.

Bonnie AustinIndependent Education Management Professional

Christine provided comprehensive evaluations of students in a multicultural setting, which was invaluable in the process of determining the strengths and needs of our students. Christine shared her insights in a professional and compassionate manner offering helpful suggestions for the team to implement in the school setting.

Carri RambinSpeech Language Pathologist Hawaii Department of Education

Christine is a life saver!  We live in Aruba and decided to have my son see Christine in California because of the limited expertise in this area on the island. From the first contact, it was clear she really cares about the children and parents who come to her. She did an amazing job with my teenage son, who had to visit her during our summer holiday in CA. And of course, he was not amused by this fact… But within 15 minutes she made him feel comfortable, his wall crumbled and he was looking forward to going back for 2 more visits after that. In the short time, she had to test him she did a thorough job (she is a very skilled psychologist) and made my son feel understood. The aftercare Christine gives is amazing too. Emails get answered quickly and she always has some kind words and good advice. But most important for me: my son has changed from an angry and stressed kid back  into my sweet, funny boy who is overall happy! What else can a parent wish for?

Miriam J.

As Licensed Educational Psychologists with our own private practices, Ms. Wyeth and I have formed a partnership, sharing cases, knowledge, and professional connections. Over the past school year, I have observed the growth that has taken place as Ms. Wyeth has completed the School Neuropsychology program. She has become a true expert in the field of school psychology and a trailblazer in the southern California dyslexia movement.

Monet TempletonPsy.D., LEP, ABSNP

Christine is thorough and thoughtful in her pre-referral process, sensitive to students, their families, school staff, and clients, and is fully engaged through the entire assessment process in efforts to provide a highly valued assessment product, that is ethically sound, and ultimately translates to the betterment of that child’s functioning in and out of schools. Christine is motivated to learn, and I have observed her to dive in and become highly involved in developing high-quality neuropsychological skills. Christine is highly collaborative and seeks to improve, grow, and develop her competencies.

Kathryn Deane-WalkerEd. S. ABSNP